Welcome to Dr. Lila Koumandou's Group

Dr Lila Koumandou leads the Molecular Genetics & Evolution group at the Genetics Laboratory of the Biotechnology Department of the Agricultural University of Athens. Dr Koumandou combines molecular biology techniques with bioinformatics, to address questions in molecular genetics and evolution. Her PhD work focused on the chloroplast genome of dinoflagellate algae. She has also worked on the evolution and functional conservation of trafficking pathways in eukaryotes (as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge), and on the evolution of different bioenergetics pathways in prokaryotes (on a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship). She maintains active projects in both areas, in collaboration with labs both in Greece and abroad (UK, USA, Canada). The group has expertise in phylogenetics, comparative genomics, and microbial molecular genetics, and is currently also pursuing collaborative projects in the study of ancient DNA and conservation genetics.